League Rules

*Please see the comments section at the bottom of the page to view a log of changes and revisions to the rules.
  1. League Format
    1. Setup as a Co-ed Recreational league
    2. Secondary system of scores called "Spirit of Competition" or "SOC" points to encourage a focus on the spiritual aspect of the league and to keep a high level of sportsmanship  
    3. No room in schedule for rescheduled games
  2. League Rules
    1. Team Setup
      1. Minimum of 4 players of the court (at least 1 girl)
      2. 3:1 male to female player ratio
      3. Players in the league are only allowed to play for ONE Team
    2. Devotions
      1. All players who are dressed for the game are required to attend devotion
      2. Teams are to follow the CVA Devotion Guidelines, Devotions must include
        1. Opening prayer
        2. One relevant scripture
        3. Closing prayer
      3. Any players missing devotions must be noted on the scoresheets
    3. Scoring
      1. Rally point, front court hitting
      2. Forfeits – Score will lose 25-0, 25-0
    4. Rotations
      1. Unlimited Substitutions to allow all players to participate, but no Liberos allowed
      2. Ghosts – if 6 players are not available, ghost rule will be put in place
      3. Teams can only have a maximum of two "club players" on the court at any time
      4. A "Club player" is defined as any individual who has participated in a volleyball club or a college/varsity team within the last four years. A volleyball club includes both men's and women's "9-man" teams, 
      5. If necessary, teams may play with more than two "club players" on the court (up to a maximum of 4 club players), but in this scenario all male players are required to attack from back-row. 
      6. Teams are required to play one of the two scenarios for club players for the duration of the entire set. If teams choose to change the scenario between sets, they must first inform the referee. 
    5. Facilities
      1. No warm-up/volleying/”pepper” allowed on the side-lines while games are in progress. This will prevent interruptions to games as there is already a tight schedule for the games
      2. Food is not allowed in the gym at all locations
      3. Players are responsible for disposing of their own garbage
      4. Only closed-top beverage containers are allowed to be consumed in the gym. Open-top beverages are not allowed in the gym (e.g. Fast food, coffee cups, canned drinks).
    6. Game Play
      1. Serving – Let Serves
      2. Passing - First hit of a team, the ball may touch various parts of the body consecutively without being called a double except for a set/volley
  3. Game Format
    1. Each game begins with team introductions
    2. Home team opens with prayer
    3. Home team must provide a game ball (based on CVA ball list)
    4. Serve is decided between the two teams by a Coin-Toss or Rock-Paper-Scissors. Winning team can choose Serve, Side or Receive
    5. Each game is 2 sets – Standings based on Total Points Scored
    6. After game ends, quickly leave court for next team
    7. All players must attend post-game devotions lead by Home team
    8. Team will forfeit if there is an illegal player on the team 
    9. Each game will last 30 min or 2 sets to 25 points, whichever comes first
    10. One 30 second timeout per game (Not per set)
    11. Teams have a 5 minute grace period to start the game, afterwards the first set is defaulted. After another 5 minutes, the game is forfeited
  4. Scoresheets
    1. Teams will be lose 1 Spirit of Competition (SOC) point and 2 Points from their Points total for each scoresheet that is not properly filled out
    2. Teams will lose 4 SOC points and 10 points from their Points total if they do not record SOC points for the teams playing (Teams will each receive 1 SOC point in this case).Reminder: you must maintain a minimum SOC Average to be eligible for playoffs
    3. Please assign SOC points based on the criteria listed on the scoresheet. Assign these fairly to help keep the integrity of the league and please keep these confidential
    4. Teams maybe penalized for late scoresheets.
  5. Sportsmanship
    1. Only Captains approach referees
    2. No coarse language, profanity or trash talking is tolerated. Players will be asked to sit out the rest of the game(s) for the night
    3. Spirit of Competition Points
    4. Encourage members on your team and on the other team
    5. Shake hands before and after game
    6. Put safety of players from BOTH teams first
    7. Captains and Governors are responsible for their team’s actions and attitudes
    8. Safety First – strict calls on players under the net
  6. Playoffs
    1. All teams make playoffs
    2. Teams must maintain an average Spirit of Competition Points score of > 1.5 to participate in playoffs
    3. Playoff games are best 2 out of 3 sets
    4. Sets are played to 25/25/15 points, Caps at 27/27/17 points respectively
    5. Attendance is based on the player's attendance at the devotions. Injured players who attend devotions can use these games to qualify towards their playoff eligibility.
    6. Individuals must be on roster and must play min. 50% of games to qualify to play in the playoffs.
      • In the case that Team A does not have sufficient players available for a playoff game based on their playoff roster, players from the Team A's original CVA roster may be allowed to participate in the playoff game as long as approval is provided by the opposing team. 
      • During playoffs, players from Team A's roster can only be added to complete a six player team and the selection of players is based on the order of attendance