Playoff Information

The playoff schedule has been posted!  Please see the "attachments" section at the bottom of this page.  Please also pay attention to refereeing duties which have been assigned.

Playoffs 2009

The following list of players identified players who are eligible for playoffs based on having played a minimum of 8 regular season games.  Any exceptions to this rule have been indicated on the list.  ALL PLAYERS must submit their waivers before participating in playoffs.  The deadline for eligibility exceptions has passed (November 26, 2009).  Further requests for player exceptions for eligibility will be declined.


1. Game structure: Playoffs games follow a "Best 2 out of 3 sets" structure, with a win being 25/25/15, with caps at 27/27/17 respectively.  Teams have one hour to complete their playoff games.
2. Refereeing: Most teams in the lower tier have been assigned refereeing duties before their playoff game.  Please see the playoff schedule.
3. Devotions: The team that is eliminated is responsible for leading the post-game devotion.  As such, all teams should prepare a devotion.
4. Waivers: Players who have not submitted a waiver will not be permitted to participate in playoffs - this includes new additions to your roster throughout the season, even if they have played the minimum 8 games.  If you are unsure if a certain player has submitted their waiver, please e-mail info [at]
5. SOC QUALIFICATION: All teams must have an average above 1.000 in SOC score to participate in playoffs.  To date, all teams have made the minimum SOC average.  The top 4 teams in SOC points are submitted to the CVA Committee for consideration for the SOC Award at the end of the season.
CVA Toronto,
Nov 25, 2009, 9:26 PM