The following are league guidelines for the Captains, Governors and Referees on their roles and responsibilities within the league

Captain - Role & Responsibilities

  1. Provide Team Contact Information (suggest a contact list with - email, phone numbers etc.)
  2. Email team weekly with reminder of games
  3. Ensure that a full team can participate in the scheduled game, absences need to be provided with 48 hrs notice
  4. Organize lineups, positions and ensure that everyone gets a chance to play 
  5. Provide leadership on the court by keeping the team focused, encouraging other players, cheering etc.
  6. Serve as a role model for sportsmanship to our team as well as other teams
  7. Ensure team abides by CVA Rules
  8. Help keep the gym clean
  9. Report scores, SOC points to the league

Governor - Role & Responsibilities

  1. Prepare or co-ordinate a devotional for each game that you are your home team. Other individuals on your team can be asked to help out as your own discretion
  2. Prepare devotional following the CVA devotion guidelines (See Files section)
  3. Serve as a role model for sportsmanship to our team as well as other teams
  4. Be spiritually focused on and off the court
  5. Pray for members on your team, Christian and non-Christian
  6. Opening prayer for games
Referee - Guidelines
  1. Blow the whistle as soon as you see a violation
  2. Blow the whistle loudly so all players can hear
  3. Indicate team that scored first before making the call
  4. Feel free to ask for Captain(s) of the team if you need to address their player, team, or a call. You are in control of the game.
  5. Refer to Files Section of the website for referee guidelines from Volleyball Canada (See file named "Guideline for Canadian Referees 2009-2010.PDF")