The following is a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) regarding CVA.

Registration & Rosters
  1. Question: Are the players registered on the roster the only ones allowed to play in the league?
    Answer: A team may add new players during the season as long as they notify the league through the online registration form and the player signs and submits a waiver. Keep in mind the player can only participate in playoffs it they attend the required number of games.

  2. Question: How do we pay for the league registration fee and are receipts for payment provided?
     The league registration fee can be paid online through the registration section of our website. Payment is accepted via Paypal which accepts payment through major credit cards such as VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and also through Paypal. A Paypal account is not required to pay for the league registration. 
    Upon successful completion of payment, an automatic email receipt will be sent by Paypal to the email provided during the payment process.

  3. Question: When does the league start?
     The CVA League operates each fall from the beginning of September to early December.  The league start date is posted during the registration process and is normally the first Saturday after the Labour Day long weekend.

  4. Question: For new teams applying during open registration, what is  the registration process?
    Answer: Any teams interested in applying to the league should apply online once the open registration process begins. Any open spots in the league will be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis. Any new teams that have successfully registered  will be provided an email confirmation and must pay the registration fee before the deadline. Teams that have applied but have not been successfully registered will also be notified by email. 

  5. Question: When is the Captain's package available and what should teams do to prepare for the season?
    Answer: The Captain's package will be available at the Captain & Governor's meeting held at the beginning of the season. Captain(s) and Governor(s) can prepare for the season by reviewing the League Guidelines to understand their roles & responsibilities. Referees are also required from each team. 

    Teams can prepare for the season by:
    - Review the Mission Statement and purpose of the league
    - Review the CVA league rules
    - Keep up to date with the CVA League Announcements
    - Go to our Facebook Page and  "Like" us

    - Filling out the waiver forms

  6. Question: Is there an age limit for CVA participants? 
    Answer: Thereis no minimum or maximum age for CVA, but if they under 18, we ask that the parents sign and fill in the waiver form on our website:  

    CVA_Waiver_Form_v06.pdf located under the Files section of the website

  7. Question: Can we rename our team during the season?
    Answer: Once the league schedule is drafted, the team name cannot be changed.

League Operations
  1. Question: I left something at the gym after CVA. Is there a lost and found?
    The league does not have a lost and found and looks to the individuals to be responsible for their own belongings. They may contact the venues directly if they want to inquire if items are left behind. In the past, some teams have placed items left behind in the CVA lock box which will be available the following week.

  2. Question: Will CVA help me promote an event or organization? 
    The CVA Execs reserve the right to exercise discretion on what events are communicated to the CVA Captains and Governors. One of the main criteria will be to evaluate the event and/or organization to see whether it aligns with the Mission Statement of the CVA. At this point in time there is no email list for members, so any communications will be provided to a limited audience.