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Start of Season announcements and Additional Rule on Club Players

posted Sep 5, 2010, 6:04 PM by CVA Toronto
  1. Rules - Additional rule for "Club Players"
    An additional rule has been added to expand on the previous discussed rule with regards to club players. The following rules have been added as covered on our website -
    - Added Rule 2.4.5 - If necessary, teams may play with more than two "club players" on the court (up to a maximum of 4 club players), but in this scenario all male players are required to attack from back-row. 
    - Added Rule 2.4.6 - Teams are required to play either scenario for club players for the duration of the entire set. If teams choose to change the scenario between sets, they must inform the referee. 
  2. Captain's Meeting
    The meeting will be held at on Sat, Sept 11th, 7pm at Willowwood. All captains or a member from their team should plan to come. Team packages will be provided as well as an overview of the league. Any questions will also be addressed at this time. In the meantime, please review the Guidelines for Captains, Governors and Referees available here:
  3. Prepare Devotions
    A reminder to Governors to start planning for devotions for the first day of the league. The next logical question would be when they will be doing the devotions.. and leads us to our next point. 
  4. CVA 2010 Schedule
    The CVA scheduled should be available mid week. We apologize for the delay as we were not able to confirm the available dates for one of our locations until late last week. 
  5. Individuals looking for teams
    The CECC Lions will not be participating in CVA 2010, but one member of their team was interested in playing in CVA 2010. If any teams are looking for a player, please contact the league and they will connect you with the individuals.  
    In cases where a church may not have a team participating in the CVA, we encourage teams to include those players on their team to expand the volleyball community being built at CVA. 
  6. CVA T-Shirts
    A limited number of CVA t-shirts are still available and can be purchased online at: There are a limited number of sizes available, so get them while they're still around! 
  7. RSS Feed
    For those tech-savy individuals, announcements are also available on the CVA RSS feed at: